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Dorcas Day, Wycliffe Bible Translators 

Mission to the World, PCA  www.mtw.org/

Mission to North America, PCA

Southwest Church Planting Network, PCA


Sheds of Hope - John Browne, PCA
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See John's latest message below regarding the LA flood devastation -

Sheds of Hope is gaining momentum in Baton Rouge

Catch-up on the latest activity with Sheds of Hope!


Sheds of Hope News

October / 24 / 2016

Mission to North America

Disaster Response



145,000+ Properties Look Like This

Sheds of Hope is gaining momentum in Baton Rouge as we continue to minister to the  victims of this unprecedented 1,000-year flood. Over 145,000 homes and businesses suffered flooding and damage. When 31 inches of rain fell in 15 hours, people had little time to protect their belongings. One family told me, "When we went to bed that night, the water in the creek behind us was running away from the house. When we got up in the morning, it was running backwards, coming right toward the house."


An 84-year-old neighbor said the water rose so quickly, that by the time she decided to leave, the water was up to her chest. Going outside was pointless, as her front steps would take her down into water that was over her head. She was rescued by a good samaritan patrolling the area in his boat, looking for people just like her.


The average height of water in homes was 4 feet, which means that everything below that line has to be pulled out of the house. Appliances, furniture, sheetrock, mattresses, carpet, insulation, you name it. Only the dishes survive. Where can they put them? You guessed it! In a Shed of Hope.


First Shed of Hope Built After Water Subsided


As soon as this Shed of Hope was built, the team began helping the recipient, a school teacher, get things salvaged from the flood into the shed. She was so appreciative, and glad to see some order coming out of the midst of chaos.


The shed will stay on her property, where she can easily get to her things to use them or go through them on her own schedule, with no monthly bill to worry about. You will never see the contents of this Shed on a TV episode of Storage Wars! 


Proud Owners Congratulate Team for New Record Time

A team from Tyler, Texas, heard that the record time for setting up a pre-built shed was 1 hour and 28 minutes. They decided they wanted to take on the challenge and see if they could beat the record. They set up a smart phone, started the timer, and got busy! You should have heard them shout when they stopped the timer at 1 hour and 24 minutes! 


They've got the bragging rights now! We still have sheds to build in Baton Rouge. Anyone want to take on the record and try to beat it? (And you thought a Sheds of Hope site would be boring?) The Video


Volunteers - Waiting For Instructions and Eager To Help

It's been great to see such a good turnout of volunteers willing to help in Baton Rouge. We not only build sheds, but we help "muck-out" houses, clean (see the blue "flood buckets" in the background), and spend time loving and encouraging the people who have seen their memories washed away with the flood water. Sometimes, they just need a helping hand and a listening ear. 


Volunteers are hard to come by after the summer passes and we begin moving toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the people of Baton Rouge still have a long road ahead of them. We are here for the long haul.


Your Prayers Move the Ministry Forward!


Thank you for partnering with me on this journey. Your prayers are a labor of love for which I am deeply grateful.


I am getting ready to go on the road again to Baton Rouge. We have three sheds scheduled to build, and each one will be connected to a local church for follow-up. Thank you for sharing the vision that something as simple as a shed can be a way to show God's love to a hurting world.


Please pray:

  • That follow-up teams will continue to be found for each Shed of Hope
  • That churches will see the need to plan ahead for disasters on their doorstep
  • For my planning and strategizing in the midst of working the disaster site
  • For traveling mercies and worksite safety
  • For my personal continued dependence on Christ, that I may abide in Him

Every Blessing,

John Browne 214-763-2791
MNA Disaster Response Specialist, Sheds of Hope


Helping families after natural disasters by equipping churches to respond quickly to practical needs! 



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