Building Updates and Photos

                   Building Updates


We are in the process of restoring our historic church building.  By God's grace we are far enough along in the construction process that we are now able to meet in our newly refurbished sanctuary, fellowship hall and just recently our kitchen was completed, however, construction continues in the 2nd floor of our education building and our landscaping is not complete.  Below is a list of dates and photos throughout the construction process.

Exciting Updates!!  All Glory to God! 


March 2017 - Our kitchen is completed and more beautiful than we even expected!  See photos below of our beautiful fellowship hall!

7/24/2016 - Dedication of our Sanctuary!  (Scroll down to see photos)

11/15/2015 - Our first Worship service in our new sanctuary!  (Scroll to bottom of page for photos of this blessed day) 

4/19/2015 - Hardwood flooring stained in sanctuary and hardwoods being installed in fellowship hall.

4/02/2015 - Hardwood flooring installed and soon to be stained.  Kitchen gutted ready for remodel.

3/13/2015 - Hardwood flooring delivered and about to be installed!  We are almost there by God's grace!

3/15/2013 - More stained glass windows installed!  See photos below

1/20/2013 - The classrooms and nursery in the education building are complete...

6/01/2012 - plans approved by City and permits in place!  Work begins!  Praises to the Lord for He is good!

8/29/2011 - The final plans are now complete and ready to submit to the City for final approval.  Please continue to pray that the City will grant us the permits needed to complete our building.

                                                              BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



     Looking from the back of the sanctuary toward the pulpit



                 Looking Toward the Pulpit                                                                       Beautiful Tin Ceilings


                                                     Newly Restored Stained Stained Glass Windows








                                                       Renovated Classrooms


                                                                 Renovated Nursery and Infant Room


           Newly Tiled Hallway in Education Building                        


      More Stained Glass Windows Installed 3/15/2013


           New Electrical Wiring - We Have Lights!                                    


  Hardwood Flooring Delivered 3/13/2015                                                   Hardwood Flooring Installed


            Beautiful Newly Refinished Pocket Doors                           Our First Worship Service in our Sanctuary 11/15/2015!


                                                                              Soli Deo Gloria!


                      Dedication of our Sanctuary 7/24/2016


                                  Dedication Service                                      Ken Compton (Left) and Pastor Lou.
                                                                                                  Pulpit, Cross and Communion 
                                                                                                  table handcrafted by Ken.  
                                                                                                  See more photos  below. 





                              Kitchen Before                                                           Kitchen After! Photo taken March 2017


        Pulpit, Cross and Communion Table (handcrafted by Ken Compton)


                      Sanctuary Photo Taken 4/29/2017





                                                                                                                New Entry Foyer









                              Beautiful Fellowship Hall - Photo Taken Easter 2017